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Axios Holding and StrategEast Join Forces In Helping Eurasian Countries Develop Thriving IT sectors

  • Axios Holding partners with StrategEast under the Global Minds Initiative (GMI).
  • In 2018, StrategEast launched the Global Minds Initiative to help Eurasian countries develop thriving IT sectors as a part of their economic transitions, in order to become better integrated into the free world’s economy.
  • The collaboration, which also includes other global technology players, aims to bring lasting change in the IT-sphere of the post-Soviet countries through a combination of targeted local events and institutionally aimed initiatives. 

Axios Holding, a global Fintech incubator, has announced its partnership with StrategEast, a Washington-based think tank and global center, governed by the mission to help former Soviet states in transition to a knowledge-based economy. 

Under the Global Minds Initiative (GMI), Axios Holding joins StrategEast and its strategic partners with the mission of implementing a systematic approach to the IT industry development in Eurasian countries. The project aims to create a large and influential group of high-quality tech entrepreneurs who share the core liberal values, such as rule of law, protection of intellectual and private property, and social responsibility.

The Global Minds Initiative is intended to be a platform for discussion as well as foster cooperation among a widespread group of participants – the representatives of the governments and regulatory authorities of Eurasian states, international financial institutions, the US and the EU, leaders of the IT industry, and investment funds. 

‘Axios Holding employs IT professionals worldwide, including offices in Ukraine, Lithuania, and Georgia. These regions and their communities are very close to our heart, and we are deeply committed to their further development – says Rati Tchelidze, Director of Axios Holding. These countries have great potential in terms of IT talent, and we are thrilled to continue empowering them through systematic changes, like the ones envisioned within the Global Minds Initiative’. 

‘It’s great to see Axios Holding join the Global Minds Initiative, – says StrategEast President Anatoly Motkin. In collaboration with leading global engineering companies, we have created a systematic approach to the IT industry development in Eurasian countries. We have already presented this initiative to key stakeholders – governments, US and EU donors and international financial institutions. As an international Fintech hub and startup incubator with a strong presence in Eurasian states, Axios Holding becomes a valuable partner on this mission of a lasting change in the global IT sector’. 

The Global Minds Initiative project will include the following activities:

  • “Inspirational Tech Talks”: visits of global tech leaders to the region, for a series of lectures and roundtable discussions hosted at universities and entrepreneurship centers in order to inspire young tech entrepreneurs and developers in the region.
  • Facilitating review of the tax code and legislation in selected countries, with the aim of adjusting the IT area tax code and the legislation to the needs of IT industry.
  • Establishing a professional training system for IT specialists, with the help of international leading learning providers. Facilitating the access of international outsourcing companies to the local markets, attracting international venture funding to local start-ups.
  • Visits of young tech entrepreneurs from Eurasian and Baltic countries to Silicon Valley and other U.S. high-tech clusters, to show how the tech companies interact with universities, funders, regulators, and public officials in a single ecosystem.


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StrategEast is a strategic center whose goal is to reinforce the values of rule of law and private property protection in Eurasian and Baltic countries through the transition from natural resources-based to knowledge-driven economy. Our work is focused on the 14 countries, which proclaimed or restored their independence after the collapse of the USSR:  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. For more information, please visit