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The Quarantine Life: Thoughts & Takeaways From the Axios Team

And just like that – it’s been a month of remote work for the Axios Holding employees. Since day one of the quarantine, we’ve been asking our team members to share their thoughts and impressions of working from home on our social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram.

What we have come to realise is that the quarantine life is not so bad when you are willing to adjust. The team has shown an impressive adaptation to working remotely, spending the week being productive and unwinding over the weekend with our favourite movies (check out team’s recommendations here). 

The crisis gave us the opportunity to show our true colours, our character and feelings for the community in helping those less fortunate, just in time for Orthodox Easter. Fortunately, statistics and data are showing promising results with the curve flattening, and the possibility of going back to life as we know it grows by the day. As the day approaches, we have asked our colleagues the following question:

Looking back at the past month of remote work, 1) What has been the best thing? and 2) What has been your biggest challenge?

Rafaella Frantzi, Head of Accounting and Finance:

Best thing: Wear the comfiest clothes from your closet, and maintain concentration without any distractions.  

Biggest challenge: To get up from the chair and spend some time doing other things. Working from home is increasing the working hours as you have nothing to distract you.

Anthia Vryoni, Graphic Designer:

Best thing: The best thing is that you cook your food at home and you don’t have to order or cook in a hurry. Also, I can wear my pyjamas all day long!

Biggest challenge: The biggest challenge for me is feeling lonely, managing your time but also managing yourself.

Maria Koufoudaki, Payments Officer:

Best thing: Looking back at the past 3 weeks of remote work I have to say that the best thing is that I can both do my job while also being around family.

Biggest challenge: The biggest challenge has been to accomplish switching work off from my mind at the end of the day.

Chrysia Rousou, Graphic Designer:

Best thing: The positive part of this situation is, by staying home we all contribute and have an active role and impact in preserving the future of humankind. 

Biggest challenge: Biggest challenge? Handling distractions. 

Aliki Karmiotou, Head of HR

Best thing: Being around family, talk to people that you didn’t have the time to do before due to our busy routines, wearing pjs and be in a more relaxed mode.

Biggest challenge: Balance between family and work. Lots of distractions but if you find the correct formula everything works smoothly.

Gergana Zaharinova, Business Development Manager

Best thing: The best thing was that I had full control over my time and work tasks, which helped me to learn how to prioritize different tasks and be the project manager of my daily workflow.

Biggest challenge: It is a big challenge to manage your time, so that all tasks are completed on time.

When the pandemic will be in the rearview mirror and this is nothing but a cool story to tell, it would be nice to look back at all the learning and new skills we acquired during this period. They say that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and it would be safe to say that we had to reinvent ourselves and the way we live our lives. We are coming out of this stronger than ever, having learned a lot about ourselves and better equipped to take on what life has to throw at us.

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