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Axios Holding is a FinTech incubator, fathering companies from a range of online verticals such as Education, Lending, Payments, Brokerage & Liquidity, User Engagement and DevOps. Axios offers a comprehensive set of FinTech products and solutions by either breeding its own ideas or partnering with other companies in related verticals.

User Engagement Platforms

The industry has been on the up the past decade. The industry recorded a net worth of $41.78 billion in 2016 and that shows no signs of slowing down with projections looking at an $80 billion mark for 2020. The huge attention and popularity of this sector comes with its own set of challenges. Due to elevated competition, customers require and expect service of the highest calibre. Our tech is geared towards satisfying these needs, always improving and adapting to the evolution of the industry, aligned to legal and regulatory protocols.


Founded in 2017 by a team of visionary Tech veterans, Cerberus is on a mission to give the best online user engagement solutions; through a data-driven and customer-centric approach. The company’s ‘Horizon’ Platform offers a complete, bleeding edge ecosystem containing everything needed to operate an engaging user environment: recreational gaming, payments gateway, CRM, middleware integration and a state of the art Big Data Environment. By developing and providing this reliable, flexible and secure platform, Cerberus intends to change the way users interact with digital recreation technologies.

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Education Platforms

Products and services are just a part of the FinTech puzzle and they don’t mean much without the complementary education. In order to attract and retain customers to our brands, we understand that providing them with the necessary knowledge about the products, services and industry is of the utmost importance. Education is a simple yet effective way of giving back, empowering people to make informed decisions but also contribute to the overall betterment of the industry through their feedback and experiences.


Edu2Co, a birthchild of the industry leading brand, “Traders Education”, is poised to disrupt the market. The platform aims at offering a customized educational solution for brokerages all over the world. The company's signature “Knowledge Base” platform contains educational tools, ebooks and 15 online courses with 300 lessons in 30+ topics taught by financial professionals and translated into over 30 languages. For the past 6 years, the company has been providing unique technology-driven educational solutions catered to brokers that want to use customer training as a powerful vehicle to increase return on their marketing activities and stand out from the competition.

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Brokerage & Liquidity

The Brokerage & Liquidity vertical is one of the most dynamic sectors in the FinTech world. It is highly regulated and its success traces its roots in qualities like transparency, clear communication and establishing solid relationships with your client-base. The engine powering growth in this vertical lies in the right technical infrastructure, deep understanding and knowledge of the space as well as amassed experience. Our brands are staffed with people that are passionate about the industry and relentlessly work to offer a simpler, supportive and more accessible experience to the end-user.


An exclusive partner for Axios Holding. Inflyx is a liquidity provider for small brokers, hedge funds, and professional traders who want to have access to tier one liquidity. The company was founded in 2018 as part of EverFX to offer a transparent and flexible solution that can satisfy the most demanding liquidity seekers from Europe and Asia and is fully tailored to their needs.

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Technology Providers

The future of the DevOps vertical is quite clear: software should be intuitive to use on any device in spite of location and geography. Understanding that helps us build software that’s using microservices and automations to ensure system stability. Working with cloud hosting providers, we provide easily-scalable platforms which can grow at the same speed as your business. The challenge here is to not recycle and repackage products and services that already exist but try to add value to business through innovation, without any delays or downtimes.

New Age Solutions

New Age Solutions is a technology hub for the companies under the umbrella of Axios Holding. It helps incubate and build startups of the holding by providing them with proprietary tech solutions. In particular, the company develops software for Forex platforms, Forex CRM, and online user engagement platforms. Being a part of such a diverse fintech corporation as Axios, New Age Solutions has a broader view compared to other technology providers, which allows it to find creative solutions to the technical problems and develop products of the highest quality. Founded in 2016, New Age Solutions currently employs over 80 people across 3 offices in Ukraine. The company’s vision is to be the tech incubator of Axios Holding and support it throughout its rapid growth.

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Payment Aggregator

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Naspay is an exclusive service provider for Axios Holding. The company offers e-cashier and payment processing services to merchants and other businesses that collect or want to collect money online. Naspay was founded in 2016 by a team of industry experts with a vision to give merchants full control of their financial flows through an intuitive interface. The company’s services match the most advanced security standards (PCI DSS Level 1 and GDPR). It is notable that in 3 years Naspay had only 4 seconds of downtime; making it an industry leader in reliability. This all makes the company a go-to solution for merchants who wish to process payments from all over the globe. Currently Naspay successfully caters for European and Middle East clients.

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Investment Platforms

Investment platforms are no longer an off the shelf product. The dynamic environment and countless variables of the investment world, call for technology that’s adjustable and malleable enough to serve different use cases. The challenge of creating and building our own technology is both inspiring and rewarding. Our goal is to put together platforms that not only serve the end user, but push the boundaries of what was thought to be possible.

Global Innovations Fund

The Global Innovations Fund, established in 2019, provides investors with exposure to the fast-growing verticals in Europe. The purpose of the GI Fund is to provide investors with access to unique opportunities in various sectors of the economy. Its primary focus is in projects relating to Agri & Environment, Energy & Transport, Technology and Real Estate. The GI Fund is an innovative investment vehicle which seeks to pair project owners with international investors; through a rigorous project selection process coupled with a personal approach. The GI Fund team brings together decades of experience at high level investment management with a strong track record in high returns and successful exits.

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Online Payments

Online payments have overshadowed physical payments for quite some time now and the reasons why that’s happening are simple: it’s easier, faster and more convenient. Online payments have quickly evolved from a luxury feature to a necessity, an integral part of any business that wants to be taken seriously. The obvious challenge of this vertical was and will always be the security of funds and protection of sensitive information. Our state-of-the-art technology and custom-built platforms are paving the way for a new era of online payments, catering to the needs of modern businesses whilst never failing to provide the highest form of security.


BigWallet, a brand of Silvergate Technologies Limited, is a full-fledged Online Payment Solution Provider. It holds a European Payment Institution license from the Central Bank of Cyprus. BigWallet’s vision is to disrupt the traditional banking sector and give people and companies freedom to receive, use and transfer money whenever and wherever they want, at a click of a button.

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Online Lending

Online lending is a relatively new vertical as brick and mortar banking has dominated the space in the past. The growth of the Internet and development of the peer-to-peer lending framework allowed licensed online lending to flourish and push the boundaries of personal finance options. Whilst new, the industry has come a long way since its inception allowing people to access money with a few clicks. Our involvement with this vertical has a very clear mission: provide fast, easy access to money to everyone without any hassle or bureaucracy.


Equfin Holding was established in 2012 with the vision of giving anyone with an Internet connection access to finance through the latest technologies and most advanced channels. The company has been growing fast and steadily ever since, with presence and significant market share in Spain, Georgia and Ukraine, and Armenia. Equfin’s product range includes short-term consumer loans to people with financial deficit. Its customer-driven service and an advanced in-house online lending platform make it a prominent name in the online lending space. The company currently employs over 250 people across its five operational locations.

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Exclusive Partners


Fincue’s cloud based loan management CRM platform is a true leader in the niche. The technology supports the whole business cycle, with full automation on the majority of loan application and disbursement processes and robust integration with third party service providers. The company offers both a sound technological backbone for online lending providers and granular insights in data analysis. A best of breed and speed solution.

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